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The Can-Am ATVs represent power, driving pleasure and passion, and make every drive an impressive experience. Its versatile and robust construction means it can be put to use in many ways both on-road and off-road. With Can-Am’s ATVs you can combine work with pleasure: summer and winter!

Do you want a sturdy and flexible vehicle for forestry work? Do you want to be able to concentrate fully when hunting? Or are you looking for a sports model for the next race? Perhaps you have a free afternoon for an excursion? Our cars offer next generation mobility – whether for sports, leisure or work.

As the first manufacturer BRP has fitted its ATVs with TTI rear wheel suspension which thanks to the unique arrangement of both independent suspension pivots ensures excellent handling and comfort under all conditions. Best traction and excellent performance in all driving situations will captivate both amateur drivers and professionals!

Get in and discover the versatility and the many special features of the Can-Am ATVs!

The whole range of Can-Am vehicles, parts, accessories and clothing is available at PSF; please contact us for further information.

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